hallucinated ambush

stuck in zero limits fish-eyed

asps curled in bracken shade


Shut up! I want to sleep – why do you talk?

reading up on antidotes

trust me, squirming, there is no better poison


thoughts fragment half-cut jewels

swirl creamily through furry layers and dark paillettes

dust binds dubious truthes


I think I want to get hitched

latent whims break loosed chains

in the shadows numbed and painless


trapezed on threads hung dumb on fern whorls


another ache a splinter borrowed

aspen afire in a rearview mirror

another sharpened point pulls awake




n.b. NaPoWriMo Day 5 prompt: take a poem and use the first letter of each line and the simple shape of the poem, including line breaks to write a new poem. Woody & Johnny took Race by Vasko Popa, translated by Charles Simic, published NYRB, (New York, 2019).

W&J    05/04/2021


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    1. Thank you for writing about our Woody & Johnny post. All we took for our prompt on Day 5 was the first letter of each line and noted the shape of the poem. The poem was written by Woody & Johnny before the translation by Simic was read.

      Really appreciate your thoughts on our tandem writing though! Thank you. Johnny (of Woody & Johnny).

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      1. Thank you Nina. We have reshaped our website as result of the confusion you identified, so sorry to have led you up the garden path and round the houses…we were concentrating on the writing…not the tech and were doubly surprised to have been picked out from NaPoWriMo Day FIve and then honoured by your essay. Thank you for that, that was lovely. W&J

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